• fsdfds
    September 4, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    I am in LOVE with my Tiny House built by Maverick Tiny Homes! Doing what I believe God’s mission for me I started them building a Tiny House Clinic for me to run a family practice clinic. I told them my dream and they ran with it! Trying to find me the best most practical parts and equipment!! I requested an off-grid Tiny House but what they gave me was an on-grid/off-grid convertible Tiny House to allow me to practice the most affordable possible in each location I will be in. I was involved in the process from start to finish. They messaged me pictures of each step so I could see the progress made. When I finally saw the finished product I was stunned! Yes, it looked gorgeous as the pictures had shown but what I didn’t expect was the small details they had added to make sure I could operate my clinic with minimal operating time. They added such small details I would have never thought I needed, BUT I DID! I was blown away how evident it was a labor of love for them! My plan is to have many Tiny House Clinics and without a doubt Maverick Tiny Homes will be building all future clinic for me. Cherisa PA-C

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